Esperanto is a marvelous language that had enhanced the lives of many, maybe millions of people all around the world. These pages will show you why people learn and use Esperanto, and how you too can enjoy it.

Esperanto Purpose

Because it is a language, its main purpose is communication … with people that speak languages different from ours. Esperanto knowledge brings wonderful experiences. This book presents some of those beautiful moments enjoyed by people that took some time to learn Esperanto. This book also exists in Spanish and Esperanto.

How to   Learn and use Esperanto.     More resources.

Make Esperanto learning a wonderful experience. Read and listen to this language. Watch a video. Study the Kurso de Esperanto“. After about 30 hours you will start using Esperanto.

Children Around the World In May 1987, Charlotte Kohrs started Infanoj Ĉirkaŭ la Mondo to help children to communicate with friends in any part of the world. Here are several short books for children to learn to read and to get